The Jester starts talking..!

Lets start of with why I decided to do this..? Actually I have been thinking about it for a while! The fact that there are to many people suffering with depression, anxiety (in all forms), ADHD, Aspergers, ME, MS, etc, etc.. is the only reason! I just want to share my ups and downs, my struggles, my losses, my life, and mostly the lessons I have learned from it. I know Im not alone!

I personally think sharing experiences gives knowledge, and knowledge is strength! In the end strength is our only weapon.. and Im not talking about physical strength, rather than inner strength and the ability to withstand lifes challenges, no matter how they get served.. I will try to update as often as possible about the daily things, but the focus will mostly be on my stories and what I have learned! Im totally new to blogging, wich means this is a learning experience for me too..

Be patient and please give feedback, so I can learn from my mistakes!

Todays lesson: Usus Est Magister Optimus (Learning by doing)

Every mistake, every failure, every bad thing that happens, will in time become Experience! Experience can be used to make decisions.. decisions that can prevent failure..

Experience gives you a choice!


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