When you choose to forgive...

Todays lesson: Forgiveness

Today I put forgiveness in action..! I forgive everyone who has hurt me!

This lesson is so important for me.. I have been hating the world, my parents, my friends, my enemies... and most of all myself! I will no longer give in to anger.. To many hours I have been angry, to many hours I have focused my energy on hating people who have hurt me.. (intentionally or not) Every time I have thought about these people, I end up in msery.. This has been too much at times.. And the funny thing is that, even if they haven´t done anything particular that day, I still feel bad because they hurt me once... I WILL NOT ACCEPT HATE ANYMORE IN MY LIFE!

Forgiveness takes away the power of the people who hurt you.. It takes away their abillity to hurt you again!

The way I see this is by showing love and compassion for these people.. When someone hurts me now, instead of getting angry, I ask myself: "What makes this person want to hurt me"?  Moments after I feel compassion instead of anger! I feel sorry for the people who needs to hurt others to make themselfs feel good! I have experienced and seen that compassion kills the effect.. People who hurt others are weak and need to look deep inside to find peace.. They need to forgive themselfs.. 


When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future!

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much! - Oscar Wilde


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